Mortgage Checklist

The following information is usually required during the loan process:

Current Address

  • Residence for the past two years; if renting, provide landlords' names, full addresses, and phone numbers

Employment Records

  • Copy of your most recent year-to-date pay stub
  • Copies of your W-2s for the last two years
  • Two years signed and completed Federal Income Tax Returns 
  • If self-employed you will need to provide a  Profit and Loss statement,  and year-to-date balance sheet

Cash Assets

Most recent statements for:

  • Checking accounts
  • Savings and investment accounts
  • Retirement accounts

Other Assets

  • Make, year and value of all motor vehicles
  • Estimated market value of real estate owned - if property is to be sold, or has been sold within the last six (6) months, we will need a copy of the purchase agreement and/or settlement statement
  • Amount of life insurance coverage and cash value (if any)

Miscellaneous Items

  • Original executed sales contract
  • Copy of the listing sheet from the REALTOR®
  • Divorce decree, if applicable
  • VA applicants: copy of DD214 or original statement of service and a certificate of eligibility
  • First Time Homebuyer Program applicants:  Last three (3) years' Federal tax returns (signed) with W-2's and Property addresses of the last three (3) years' residences and include landlord's name, full address, and phone number
  • If you are applying for a refinance:  Proof of homeowner's insurance coverage amount, premium amount, and most recent statement for the mortgage loan(s) you are refinancing