FAQ - FinanceWorks Questions

  1. FinanceWorks is a personal financial management feature within Online Banking. It enables you to access robust online financial management tools that solve important every day financial tasks within Online Banking including: account aggregation, categorization of transactions, graphical spending analysis, budgetary goals, and email alerts, among other features.

  2. FinanceWorks can aggregate accounts from more than 20,000 financial institutions throughout the United States.

  3. FinanceWorks’ account aggregation capabilities are powered by Intuit’s Customer Central service, which also powers aggregation for Quicken, QuickBooks, and Mint.com.

    • Connect to over 20,000 financial institutions and creditors. Checking, savings, loans and credit cards...see them all here with just one login.
    • See where they are spending their money. FinanceWorks automatically categorizes transactions from the user’s accounts so they can control spending more easily, stay on budget, and save more.
    • See their net worth. Track their overall net worth, including physical assets such as their house, cars, gold, etc. to get a better picture of your overall financial health.
    • Get organized at tax time. Tax Watch report automatically tracks tax deductable expenses such as child care and charitable contributions.
    • Alerts and reminders help users track their budgets, pay bills on time, and get timely updates about their accounts.
    • Simple Small Business Accounting. Track business income and expenses within their personal accounts. Generate a simple income/expense report and simplify tax time.
  4. FinanceWorks is accessed through Online Banking. You can click on the ‘Go to FinanceWorks’ link within the Spending Chart widget or Outside Accounts widget on the Online Banking Home page or the ‘Manage Money’ tab.

  5. Upon first access to FinanceWorks, you will be prompted to read and agree to the terms and conditions. Then, all accounts at Gate City Bank will automatically be added with current balances, up to 90 days of categorized transaction history, and suggested budgetary goals. From here, a you can add outside financial institution accounts, choosing from over 20,000 supported financial institutions, re-categorize transactions, edit and add budgetary goals, set up email notifications, etc.

  6. You can choose these account types from most financial institutions: Checking, CD, Money Market, Savings, Credit Card, Mortgage, Loan, Line of Credit, Taxable Investment or Tax-deferred Investment. The only accounts not allowed in FinanceWorks itself are tiered commercial loans or general ledger accounts.

  7. If this is your very first time logging into FinanceWorks, it is slow because it’s compiling all of your account information at Gate City Bank. If it’s not your first time but it’s been awhile since you logged in, it will take a while to compile the transactions that occurred since the last login. We recommend logging in about once a week to keep the login process fast.

  8. FinanceWorks times out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

  9. While logged into FinanceWorks, click on the “Help” link on the upper right to view detailed help for using FinanceWorks and troubleshooting.

  10. Yes. You can log into FinanceWorks and click the “Alerts & Options” link at the top right. Click on the “Profile” tab and then click on “Cancel service.”