BetterLife Student Loan

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Refinance Your Student Loans

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Investing in an education could mean carrying long-term student debt. Gate City Bank offers the BetterLife Student Loan for qualified individuals with student loan debt who want to consolidate their existing student loan(s).

BetterLife Student Loan Features

The BetterLife Student Loan can help reduce your student loan payments with features including:

  • 1.75% APR*
  • Up to 10 years repayment (minimum of 36 months)
  • No fees
  • Up to $50,000

BetterLife Student Loan Eligibility

The BetterLife Student Loan is available to individuals who already have a student loan and meet certain eligibility requirements:

  • Gate City Bank mortgage loan on a primary residential home in North Dakota or west central Minnesota (existing, purchasing or refinancing)
  • College degree or trade certification (A copy of the degree or trade certification is required)
  • 12 months of repayment history on existing student loan (A copy of loan payment history for each loan being consolidated is required)
  • Online statement sign-up

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*Terms and conditions may apply. Loan payment example: A $25,000 student loan at 1.75% interest rate for 120 monthly payments of $227.25 with no fees will have a 1.75% APR.