FinanceWorks ™


Connect to over 18,000 financial institutions and creditors.

Checking, savings, loans and credit cards. You can see them all here with just one login.

Know where you are spending your money.

FinanceWorksTM automatically categorizes your transactions from your accounts so you can control spending more easily, stay on budget, and save more.

See your net worth.

Track your overall net worth, including physical assets such as your house, cars, gold, etc. to get a better picture of your overall financial health.

Get organized at tax time.

Tax Watch report automatically tracks tax deductible expenses such as child care and charitable contributions.

Make your finances come to you.

Alerts and reminders help you track your budget, pay bills on time, and get timely updates about your accounts.

Simple Small Business Accounting.

Track business income and expenses within your personal accounts. Generate a simple income/expense report to simplify tax time.

What Our Customers Say

"I love Gate City Bank's convenient locations and the fact that we don't have to pay ATM Fees. Plus, the great customer service and welcoming atmosphere in all of the branches makes me feel like a valued customer."


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