Gate City Bank is embracing the philosophy of giving back to our communities to provide a better way of life. In 2016, Gate City Bank has donated $1.8 million impacting more than 700 organizations through our Acts of Kindness including philanthropic giving, volunteer efforts, and in-kind donations such as reduced interest rate loans for non-profit organizations.

Gate City Bank is proud to partner with NDSU Athletics to provide the Gate City Bank fueling station at the NDSU Sanford Health Athletic Complex. The fueling station is another way that Gate City Bank is providing a better way of life for student athletes. It is important for a student’s health and wellbeing to have proper nutrition to excel as an athlete. By providing proper nutrition, we are helping student athletes reach their potential and perform at a higher level, all while staying healthy and recovering properly.

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Nutrition has a huge impact on all of our athletes I think you can have as a coach can have the best training plan I think you have the best practice plan and I think you can have the best culture the best intensity all those things but if you can't recover from your training you're not going to be healthy to go to the next practice you're going to get beat down, you're gonna get tired, you're gonna get sore, or you're gonna end up sick or you can get injured.

And here at North Dakota State University we put a premium on nutrition and my job as a strength and conditioning professional is to help them reach their potential and fueling station that's been provided by Gate City and our access to nutritional products for our athletes helps them reach their potential it helps them gain weight it helps them train harder it helps them practice at a higher level and more importantly it keeps them healthy.

And for us here reach your potential about staying healthy it's about day in day out doing your work you have to have the ability to train hard and practice hard and recover from that training all the way to throughout your four or five years to fully region potential.


At Gate City Bank we are committed to our customer’s communities and team members for a better way of life. We are proud to partner with NDSU on the fueling station it is important for student health and well-being to have proper nutrition to excel as an athlete. The fueling station is another way gate city bank can help provide a better way of life for student athletes.