Philanthropic Giving

Gate City Bank is embracing the philosophy of giving back to our communities to provide a better way of life. In 2016, Gate City Bank has donated 1.8 million impacting more than 700 organizations through our Acts of Kindness including philanthropic giving, volunteer efforts, and in-kind donations such as reduced interest rate loans for non-profit organizations.

Gate City Bank is proud to partner with the Great Plains Food Bank and Churches United this holiday season by fulfilling a need to feed the hungry in our community. With the help of generous volunteers in our community, Churches United is able to serve three meals a day Monday through Friday and two meals a day on the weekends.

One of the food suppliers to Churches United is the Great Plains Food Bank. The Great Plains Food Bank receives over 11 Million pounds of food a year and distributes the food across North Dakota and western Minnesota. Join us in our effort of Feeding the Hungry this holiday season by giving back through volunteer time or donations. 

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Kevin>>> What inspires you to do what you do?

Sue>>> I think the thing that inspires me the most is to see the looks on the faces of volunteers and community members and residents when they have an opportunity to get to know one another. The hope that is here for folks who come here for shelter or for meals and the connections that volunteers make. We offer emergency shelter for families as well as men and women but we also have a community center here where meals are served three meals a day Monday through Friday, two meals a day on the weekend. We served about a hundred and seven thousand meals in the community center last year and we feel that's a very important part of the support we offer.

Kevin>>> Lisa could you tell me where churches-united gets their food?

Lisa>>> Certainly, for the most part we receive food through the Great Plains Food Bank. We've got member churches that are very active in creating large food drives. Individuals that at times can drop certain items off and our church groups that may bring in meals.

Kevin>>> Can you tell me about with a little bit about the role that the Great Plains Food Bank plays in feeding people in our communities?

Marcia>>> Absolutely we have a very unique role in hunger relief as we're the only food bank for the entire state so we serve as a conduit between food industry donors who give so generously of their surplus product through to our partner agency network that consists of food pantry shelters and soup kitchens, so it's a very unique but critical role.

Kevin>>> Marcia where does the Great Plains food bank get their food from?

Marcia>>> We get our food from a variety of donors over 11 million pounds of food comes through our door every year from growers, manufacturers, retailers, and those community folks who like to conduct food drives. So we're very very thankful for the generosity of so many individual food industry donors.

Lisa>>> There's many ways to get involved and engaged with churches united we have our part-time volunteer coordinator Ian Anderson can help facilitate individuals and groups to do different volunteer activities. We can plug people in doing everything from preparing and serving a meal to helping us clean and organize to taking on a special project like painting a room and then there's a children's programming that we offer to. We rely on probably four to five hundred volunteers a month to make everything go.

Kevin>>> Marcia how easy is it to set up a food drive?

Marcia>>> Very easy, simple as 123 visit our website click on get involved, and there you can find all the information you need about conducting a food drive. We like to know if your hosting one so you can go to the website register then we then can get a toolkit out to you, we can get collection barrels out, we can assist in the food pick up once your organization or church or community has done the food drive, and then we can let you know just how many people that food drive is gonna help so very simple.

Kevin>>> Marcia what inspires you to do your job?

Marcia>>> You know I think the generosity that is demonstrated in this community and in communities across the state really is what inspires me to do what I do at the Great Plains Food Bank which is really connecting people's passion to help with a purpose the Great Plains Food Bank and those that we supply with the food is so generously given, so everyday I consider it a blessing to get up and do what we do which is the end hunger.

Kevin>>> As we give thanks this holiday season Gate City Bank would like to invite you to join us in supporting important organizations like the Great Plains Food Bank and churches United for the homeless who provide those most basic needs to people with needs in our community. [music playing]