Philanthropic Giving

Gate City Bank is embracing the philosophy of giving back to our communities to provide a better way of life. In 2016, Gate City Bank has donated $1.8 million impacting more than 700 organizations through our Acts of Kindness including philanthropic giving, volunteer efforts, and in-kind donations such as reduced interest rate loans for non-profit organizations.

Gate City Bank is honored to partner with YWCA to provide the resources needed to help women and their children on their journey to a better way of life. Gate City Bank’s $1.5 million donation will provide the necessary funds to cover project start-up costs for the building process, such as architectural and site services. The gift will also cover the full program costs for the first 10 years once construction is complete, from 2019 to 2029. The funding will bring essential onsite advocacy and guidance to women as they overcome barriers to employment, health, education, transportation and other situations that might otherwise trigger repeat homelessness.

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The mission of the YWCA is to eliminate
racism empower women and promote peace
justice freedom and dignity for all
people about four years ago Lutheran

Church of the Cross purchased some
additional property to expand its
ministry and a part of the property we
acquired was an empty green space a
large grassy area we wanted to raise the
stakes a bit and do something much
bolder and much more daring and for a
better use for the whole community and
not just the church permanent supportive
housing is an opportunity for women to
obtain an apartment in our community
where they pay up to 30 percent of what
they earn annually the supportive
component means that there's an advocate
a social worker psychology major
sociology major a case manager walking
alongside them talking about goals and
their plans for the future and whatever
they might dream is possible we've we've
had a long journey with the YWCA and
it's been very positive what we really
are gratified about the YWCA is a

success rate and the commitment that
they have to make sure that these women
can go out into the world and be
emotionally physically mentally
successful because you know Gate City
Bank's generosity and propensity for
bettering our region is truly remarkable
and I don't know that there's another
organization in our community that
has invested in such a significant way
in social justice. What I really find
exciting is permanent supportive housing
builds a future for their children and
their children's children and
generations to come if we can make
positive change in people's lives now

it'll have a ripple effect well beyond
anything we currently see.
It is with great pleasure that I'm pleased to
announce that Gate City will be
providing 1.5 million dollars over the
next 12 years for (clapping).

This gift is the largest single investment in the YWCA's 110 year history
and we just simply can't be grateful enough.

Our church is getting a sense of itself as
having responsibility in the community
beyond our walls and so to think about a
simple thing like a piece of land here
in a corner of West Fargo as being a
resource for positive change in people's

lives for women and children up to
seventy five people at any given time
and if you multiply that over six
decades or beyond the number of people
whose lives will be impacted because of
a partner's coming together now and
sharing vision is really exciting to be
a part of.

It's a pretty remarkable feeling going to work every day knowing that more women are going to be safe
more women are going to be sheltered
they're not going to have to return to
violent situations and there is a clear
pathway out of poverty and that's a
reality for a lot of women that we serve
that many may not have the opportunity
but through this project we'll be able
to serve at any given time seventy-five
more women and children every single day
that that's pretty amazing... ya.
I would like all of you to join us
Lutheran Church of the Cross, Gate City Bank,
and the YWCA to end homelessness
and provide for a better way of life for
children and women in need.